Taco Bell

Taco Bell partnered with Wishbone & Slingshot to promote their new $1 Morning Value Menu. Taco Bell’s verified account asked users which flavors & items they preferred, as well as the prices they would rather pay with a humorous tone. For example, Would you rather spend a dollar on a flatbread or a burnt piece of toast? Wishbone & Slingshot users then embraced their content and started to create their own cards, spurring additional content on the platform.



AT&T partnered with Wishbone to promote their Summer Break YouTube series from season premiere to finale. This six week campaign included sponsored polls around their show, the characters and exciting plot lines to get users engaged with their content and audience. The Summer Break verified account utilized the polling platform by asking Wishbone users to decide what would happen on the next episode of Summer Break and would then follow up to incorporate the answer that got the most votes in their show. The brand also utilized sponsored images in web search that led to an increase in user generated content using certain keywords with their branded images. The campaign was also followed up with a non-clickable pop up and a trailer video placement.

VS Pink.png

Victoria's Secret PINK

Victoria’s Secret PINK partnered with Wishbone to promote and get users excited about their new loungewear and push-up bras for Valentine’s Day and Spring Break. VS PINK’s verified account asked Wishbone users what looks they would prefer with a post-vote action that would drive users to their website. Throughout their campaign, VS PINK’s profile populated their account daily with organic content to keep their growing follower base engaged.


Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures partnered with Wishbone to promote their movie “The 5th Wave”. Users were prompted to create content around a “survival” theme that was then promoted alongside sponsored 5th Wave Movie polls, ads, and trailers. This takeover provided a native experience for users and the brand alike to engage with the promotion of the movie. 


Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts has been a continuous partner and has run many campaigns with Wishbone in the past year. From campaigns promoting their emoji keyboard, to comparing their famous Cold Brews, Macchiato's and Lattes that would be followed up with sponsored post click out to a nearby DD store locator. The Dunkin Donuts verified accountrecently ran sponsored polls and ads around the SAG Awards, Grammy’s and Oscars, aligning their content and messaging to be awards show focused with a call to action for users to click out to a store locator. 



Starbucks partnered with Wishbone to promote their new Frappuccino Happy Hour & Frappuccino  Emoji Keyboard. The campaign consisted of an entire week themed takeover where the Wishbone community was asked to create content through branded push notifications around themes surrounding ones daily activities. Each themed daily dozen consisted of user generated polls, sponsored Starbucks polls, native ads and a branded clickable pop-up to the app store where the brand promoted their Frappuccino  keyboard. The brand also continued to promote their Frappuccino Happy Hour through non-clickable branded pop-ups and full screen video ads. The entire experience provided for a very native and organic feel for users to engage and take part in the brands sponsored content.