Is It Driving Sales? Decoding the Black Box: Revolutionizing Digital to Retail Marketing

“Is it driving sales?” This simple yet critical question has long been a challenge for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) food and beverage brands navigating the retail landscape. Historically, brands have found themselves in a black box, lacking granularity of visibility into the impact of their digital content, experiential events, and influencer strategies on in-store transactions. Many brands have unknowingly been wasting significant portions of their marketing budgets without a clear understanding of performance.

 At Mammoth, we understand the pivotal role of digital marketing in driving sales. Our journey began with our influencer/content agency, Creatorly that was dedicated to helping hundreds of brands amplify their presence and products on social media. However, a persistent question lingered in the minds of brand owners: “Is my content driving sales?” It was this very question that fueled our determination to provide a definitive answer.

Inspired by the need for clarity and armed with insights gathered from optimizing brands’ digital content on social, we honed in on a solution. Our exploration began with an in-depth analysis of the existing tools available for brands whose primary sales channel lies in retail. While we encountered numerous digital rebate tools and platforms, the missing piece was the data and insights that brands truly seek. This gap in the market prompted us to develop the VTAGZ platform, a groundbreaking SaaS tool meticulously crafted to tackle the core challenge of precisely measuring the impact of marketing efforts on in-store transactions. Unlike other solutions, VTAGZ operates on an unparalleled granular level, providing brands with the detailed data and insights they need to make informed decisions and elevate their retail marketing.

Recognizing the absence of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) benefits in the retail sector, we made it our mission to empower brands with the essential tools necessary for success.

The Birth of a Solution:

Now brands can break through the barriers of the retail black box, with unprecedented visibility into the performance of their marketing strategies. By establishing a direct link between digital and physical marketing efforts to in-store transactions, our platform provides the missing piece of the puzzle that brands have long sought. Here are the tools that make this possible:


  • Unparalleled Granular Attribution: Did a specific piece of content on a specific platform, organic or paid, drive sales to retail? A series of questions that brands are now able to answer. With proper measurement and granular attribution here’s what some brands have been able to uncover so far:

    • Liquid Death redirected 80% of their marketing spend towards converting ad units

    • OffLimits was able to get to a 6+% CR at Target nationwide with the right ad unit

  • 1-to-1 Connection: Establish direct, personalized connections with retail consumers, understanding their preferences and behaviors. Perfect for spotlighting new products, exclusive offers, and driving repeat purchases, fostering a D2C-style relationship. No longer just transactions, now, you’re directly connected to your consumer in retail via phone number, unlocking all the benefits of D2C within the retail landscape.

    • Casa Azul exemplified this shift, directly engaging retail consumers through collected phone numbers to boost participation in their loyalty program. This initiative facilitated personalized retargeting, utilizing sweepstakes and exclusive offers to enhance the consumer experience.

  • Owned First-Party Data: Access valuable first-party data to inform marketing strategies and enhance overall brand performance. We don’t just provide mere receipt images; effortlessly access parsed and analyzed data including but not limited to specific products purchased, store location and time of purchase preferences.

    • Liquid Death found that on average, consumers who shopped their product at Whole Foods, were also likely to purchase Bananas. 

  • Engineered Word of Mouth: Turn engaged consumers into brand advocates who catalyze referrals and drive repeat purchases with incentivized programs. Our tools empower you to seize the redemption moment, prompting customers to share more offers. Maximize customer participation, create a ripple effect of shared offers, and elevate your brand’s reach and influence in-store.

    • Liquid Death witnessed a 55% conversion rate among referred consumers who made a first-time purchase.


In a world where retail has often been a mystery, emerges a beacon of transparency and efficiency. By addressing the age-old question of whether digital efforts are driving sales, we empower CPG food and beverage brands to unlock the full potential of their marketing strategies and thrive in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

In essence, our evolution from content creation with Creatorly to the launch of the VTAGZ platform reflects our commitment to empowering brands with the tools they need to decode the mystery in retail. The VTAGZ platform stands as a testament to Mammoth’s dedication to innovation, transparency, and providing actionable insights for brands navigating the dynamic landscape of Direct to Retail Marketing.