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Understand the Impact of Digital Efforts on Retail Sales

Discover which marketing efforts drive in-store purchases and capture phone numbers of engaged consumers. Track creative performance across all platforms, gaining comprehensive insights into consumer behavior. Own your first-party data and identify super fans who refer friends—all in one place.

What we offer

From Discovery to Fan:
A Shoppable Journey

Turn every interaction with your consumer into a shoppable experience through granular attribution, one to one communication and first-party data.

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Measurment and Attribution

Measure What Works and Attribute to Sales

Optimize your marketing budget by investing in high-converting channels. Achieve one-of-a-kind precision in tracking and attributing in-store retail transactions from various digital or in-store content. Gain insights into:

✓ Specific content or influencer driving sales
✓ Platforms generating the highest conversions
✓ Most effective offers and messaging strategies

*We exclusively provide an unparalleled level of granularity unmatched by any other provider.


Turn Your Interactions With Consumers Into Shoppable Experiences

Now you can finally own direct communications with your consumer in retail. Collect phone numbers through a double opt-in process and keep consumers engaged with relevant and timely communications.


Own First-Party Data from Actual Retail Consumers

Unlock detailed retail insights, including consumer journey data, store preferences, and specific product purchases. Utilize receipt analysis for deeper insights, presented in a user-friendly format to inform strategic decision-making.

We don't just provide mere receipt images; effortlessly access parsed and analyzed data as a raw export for your data team.

Word of mouth

Engineer Powerful Word-of-Mouth

Turn consumers into brand advocates - triggering repeats that amplify your reach and influence in-store dynamics with incentivized referral programs.​

merchandise (beta)

Turn Your Fans Into Merchandisers

Transform engaged customers into brand advocates. Recognize and reward repeat customers and referrers, leveraging their loyalty to work for your brand. Encourage a shift from product discovery to consumer-led merchandising.


Trackable Incentivized Offers

Track and enhance your retail strategy with our new generation of digital rebates and sweepstakes. Utilize customizable landing pages, offers, and messaging through unique links attached to paid/organic media, QR codes in-store, or at events.

Referral Programs

Reward engaged consumers and boost new customer conversions with an effective word-of-mouth mechanic.

SMS Drip Marketing

Create personalized SMS marketing campaigns. Easily communicate with consumers, customize offers, cadence, and messaging to find a winning formula. Drive first-time trials and repeat purchases by directly connecting with consumers in retail.

Web Widget

Integrate incentivized offer campaigns on your brand's website by integrating a simple code. Embed it as a popup or place it anywhere on your website for effective promotion.

Remedy Rebates

Offer solutions for any customer support issues in the form of incentivized offers via direct communication with your consumer.

Merchandising (beta)

Transform your fans into merchandisers. Resolve product placement challenges with crowdsourced merchandising, enhancing your products' presence in retail stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

D2R, Digital to Retail is a strategy that seamlessly integrates digital channels with traditional retail operations. It optimizes the customer experience by combining online platforms, digital marketing, in-store technologies, and more, creating a unified and personalized retail journey.

The VTAGZ platform goes beyond a digital rebate solution, offering unmatched granular attribution. Unlike other providers, we provide detailed, parsed, and analyzed first-party data, presented in an easily exportable file for your data team

Branded campaigns on VTAGZ offer unique trackable links for diverse marketing strategies: paid and organic media, influencer promotions, website, email newsletters, product packaging, in-store, and QR codes at events. Endless possibilities for your marketing success.

Yes we do! We offer a variety of packages to support your digital to retail strategy. Contact our sales team to understand more about our various offers.

Level up your D2R strategy.

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